F001 The James-Younger Gang

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1 JAMES-YOUNGER GANG COMPOSITE 2. FRANK AND JESSE JAMES 3. COLE YOUNGER 4. JIM YOUNGER 5. BOB YOUNGER 6. BILL CHADWELL AND CLELL MILLER 7. CHARLEY PITTS 8. OSCAR O. SUBORN 9. THE NORTHFIELD POSSE cover collage THE JAMES-YOUNGER GANG AND THE GREAT NORTHFIELD, MINNESOTA BANK RAID Frank and Jesse James, Cole Younger, Jim Younger, Bob Younger, Bill Chadwell and Clell Miller, Charley Pitts, Oscar O. Suborn, The Madelia Posse--Captors of the Younger Brothers on the spine 1996 AZUSA COLLECTOR'S SERIES--THE JAMES-YOUNGER GANG AND THE NORTHFIELD BANK RAID FRANK AND JESSE JAMES Alexander Franklin (Frank) James (1843-1915), Jesse Woodson James(1847-1882) Perhaps the most notorious outlaws of the American West, the James boys were often portrayed as the Robin Hood type--revered by the poor and hated by the rich. Their long career of robbery and murder was highlighted by the great Northfield, Minnesota bank raid on September 7, 1876. Of the eight member Northfield Gang, the James brothers alone escaped--riding southward for 3 weeks, stealing horses, living in barns, moving only at night until they reached a relatives farm in Tennessee, where they lived quietly until 1879, when Jesse organized a new gang who held up the Glendale, MO. train stealing $35,000. With a $10,000 DEAD OR ALIVE reward on their heads, Jesse was murdered on April 3, 1882 by Bob Ford, a member of his own gang, who claimed the reward. Rare Tintype Photograph OSCAR O. SUBORN This seventeen-year-old Swedish farm boy (also called Sorbel or Seeborn) is credited with recognizing the fugitive Younger Gang near Madelia, Minnesota. On September 21, 1876 he rode into town to alert the authorities. A new posse was organized that cornered the Youngers and Charlie Pitts. During a violent gun battle Pitts was killed and the Younger brothers were shot up, arrested, and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 THOMAS COLEMAN (COLE) YOUNGER ( 1844-1916) Cole met Frank James while both served with William Quantrill's Confederate Raiders. In 1866, Cole joined the James Gang and participated in numerous bank robberies, culminating in the famous Northfield, Minnesota bank raid of September 7, 1876. Wounded at Northfield and again in Madelia with a total of 11 wounds--one bullet still lodged in right eye, Cole was apprehended on September 21 and imprisoned until his pardon in 1901. In 1903 he wrote The Story of Cole Younger, and for a few years he traveled with Wild West Shows and carnivals. Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 JAMES (JIM) YOUNGER, alias Al Carter (1850-1902) Jim joined his brother, Cole, and the James Gang in 1868 participating in their string of notorious bank and train robberies. Jim received five bullets wounds during the 1876 Northfield Bank raid and shootout. One bullet shattered his upper jaw and lodged just beneath the brain. Not until three years later in prison, Jim pleaded with a surgeon to remove the bullet, so an incision was made in the roof of Jim's mouth to dislodge the lead slug. (Note the wound on his upper lip in this photo). Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 ROBERT (BOB) YOUNGER (1853-1889) In 1872 Bob joined his two older brothers, Cole and Jim, and the James brothers in gang robberies and raids. His outlaw career ended on September 7, 1876, when the James-Younger Gang attempted to rob the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota. Wounded and captured, the Youngers pleaded guilty to robbery and murder and were sentenced to life in prison. Bob died in prison due to complications from his wounds and tuberculosis. Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 CHARLEY PITTS (Post-Mortem) Pitts, whose real name was Sam Wells, was a member of the James-Younger Gang that attempted to rob the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota on September 7, 1876. Pitts and the Younger brothers escaped Northfield, but were spotted near Madelia, Minnesota on September 21, 1876--Pitts was killed by a posse and is shown post mortem revealing his fatal chest wounds, and the rope cinched around his neck propping him up for the photographer. Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 BILL CHADWELL AND CLELL MILLER (Post-Mortem) Chadwell and Miller were members of the James-Younger gang that robbed the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota, September 7, 1876. During the robbery Miller was killed by Dr. H.M. Wheeler, who kept Miller's skeleton in his office as a souvenir. (Note the bullet wound in his left shoulder). Bill Chadwell (alias William "Bill "Stiles) was shot off his horse in front of the Northfield Bank by A.R. Manning. (Note bullet hole through the heart). Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876 THE MADELIA POSSE--CAPTORS OF THE YOUNGER BROTHERS After the robbery of the First National Bank at Northfield, Minnesota, six of the bandits, although wounded, galloped away. Frank and Jesse James managed to escape, but the three Youngers and Charley Pitts were tracked by a posse of seven citizens who captured the Youngers and killed Pitts in a shoot out out near Madelia, Minnesota on September 21, 1876. From left to right: Sheriff James Glispin, Captain W.W. Murphy, George A. Bradford, Benjamin M. Rice, Colonel T.L. Vought, Charles A. Pomeroy, Jr. and S.J. Severson. Photograph by E.F. Everitt, 1876

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